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Caviar Reserve


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The most beautiful and precious eggs are chosen for their size, strong aromas, balance and completeness.

Sevruga, from Starry sturgeon (the trade name in Italian is starry sturgeon), a sturgeon small size of up to 25 kg of weight and rarely exceeds five feet in length. It is therefore characterized by smaller eggs (approximately 2 mm in diameter), color from light gray to dark gray, aromatic. It is characterized by the label in red or orange.
The caviar is traditionally divided into different quality levels that depend on various factors, including the uniformity, the consistency of the eggs, the size, the color and fragrance. Given the ease of assembling different games based on physical characteristics, these have been traditionally predominant as classification criteria. In general, the lighter the color of the eggs and the higher the value. The grades are: 0 (darker color), 00 (medium tone), 000 (light tone), the most expensive are often called “royal caviar” or “imperial caviar”. Today the classification system used in aquaculture tends to be different. The degree of ripeness is strictly controlled, as it becomes more important to consider other quality parameters such as flavor, aroma and texture. Caviar is a food greatly appreciated and also very expensive. The most expensive of all is the rare Almas that is packaged in boxes of 24 carat gold, can cost € 24,000 per kilogram and is characterized by a remarkably clear color. Comes from sturgeon caught in the Caspian, is not known with certainty why their eggs are so clear, fishermen believed that it was linked to the age of the animal, but it is known that in breeding exemplary albinos or defects in skin pigmentation , have eggs of the same color, this feature is of genetic nature.

Caviar offers an array of subtle and varied tastes. The largest grains are naturally the rarest and most sought after.

On the palate, they roll along the tongue before voluptuously bursting in a wealth of delicate hazelnut and buttery aromas.


The iodine nuances give a burst of freshness whilst the maturity of refining prolongs the sensation of power. The balance of the textures and delicateness of the aromas, the subtlety and power of their expression and their persistence… all these elements make up a veritable bouquet of sensations likely to appeal to all lovers of tasty thrills.

Caviar should be tasted in the simplest of manners but requires certain considerations. Rather than silver or medal, it is best to use a spoon made of mother-of-pearl, horn or porcelain to avoid bursting the grains and altering the taste.


A box placed on simple bed of ice is an invitation to taste the product in its purest simplicity..

Today, new gastronomic and oenological kinships are tracing ground-breaking and appealing gourmet encounters for caviar from the Aquitaine.

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