Caviar Beluga Selection


Caviar Beluga Selection


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This caviar is as elegant as shiny. Its grains with golden shades gently pop in mouth and reveal iodized and hazelnut notes with an amazing length in mouth.

Beluga, coming from the beluga sturgeon (Huso huso). Beluga sturgeon (the correct brand name in Italian is beluga sturgeon) can reach 8 m in length and exceed 3 tons. Was also present in Italian waters, today is the rarest and therefore also the most expensive. Also lives in the open sea and is the only sturgeon that feeds mainly on fish. Female reaches maturity in about 20 years and can provide even 150 kg of caviar. Produces a caviar coarse (greater than 3 mm in diameter) with a color from pearl gray to dark gray. It is characterized by the label on the package of blue or blue. The United States Fish and Wildlife Service in 2005 have banned the import of Beluga caviar from the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea, to reduce the danger of extinction.
Ossietra (Osetra, or Oscietra Asetra), coming from the Russian sturgeon Acipenser gueldenstaedtii, from sturgeon Acipenser persicus Persian and dall’Acipenser nudiventris (species that has become very rare). Sturgeons are of medium size and can weigh 20-60 kg, giving a caviar tasting soft and slightly nutty flavor with a color between dark brown and hazel. Is considered by many the finest caviar. It has an average granatura. The Ossietra real (often also written Oscietra real) can get to 200 kg, with large eggs golden brown. It is distinguished by the yellow label. Siberian sturgeon Siberian sturgeon produces a caviar often confused with lOssietra and sometimes fraudulently labeled as such.

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