This fascinating idea dates way back in 1946 when, immediately after the Second World War, Mr. Libero Azzimondi opened a general food and wine store in his home city, a city which had suffered terrible damage from the wartime bombs, Reggio Emilia. Reggio Emilia is located in the heart of the beautiful Italian region of Emilia and Romagna, a region known worldwide as ‘Food Valley’. Why?  Because Emilia and Romagna is the home of the King of cheeses, Parmegiano Reggiano, and Prosciutto di Parma, or Parma Ham, which is produced only 10 kilometres from the gates of the city of Reggio Emilia. This idea is also the outcome of a long story of dedication, diligence and passion, a story which first took place in Italy, then spread throughout Europe and which has now made its first appearance in the East.
Libero’s son, Paolo, decided after many years in business and extensive worldwide experience to take up the baton of this family heritage, which had been handed to him by his father, Libero. Paolo transformed the small general food and wine store, which had been opened in 1946, into a web portal dedicated to food and wine of outstanding quality, departing once again from Emilia and Romagna, in a never-ending search for the highest-quality products. He decided to locate his headquarters in Switzerland, where both quality control and product selection take place. Geographically speaking, Switzerland occupies a central position within Europe and the most important European  areas of agriculture and food production can be reached within only 90 minutes by plane.
This wonderful journey shows how two keywords, tradition and innovation, have continuously been the foundations of this success and shows what can be achieved when the challenges of everyday life are faced with determination and one sole objective: QUALITY AND CUSTOMER SATISFACTION


“Most of our work consists of visiting dozens of small-scale producers on a monthly basis, in order to learn about their background and their history, monitor their working methods, experience first-hand their love for their work, try their products and confirm their authenticity. This is our firm commitment, a commitment which we make for our clientele in order to guarantee that our products are 100% genuine and of unbeatable quality.  Will you ever find our products on the supermarket shelves? No, never, because they are not mass-produced. For example, our producers of the King of cheeses, Parmegiano Reggiano, produce this cheese in precisely the same way which they did 600 years ago. What’s more, our wine is also produced by small-scale producers, whose production does not exceed 50,000 bottles a year. Instead of being produced by machines, our products are the result of a combination of skilled human hands and an unparalleled passion for this work.”
Paolo Azzimondi (Sole Director)

Recently, during a training course a trainer told the following story: “In the Black Forest in Germany, there is a place where the plants grow so close to one another that, in order to reach sunlight, they must grow as much as possible. Some researchers noticed that one such group of trees, which were all near to each other, had grown more than the others and – this is the coincidence – the trees which were located near the tallest ones were higher than the trees which were located far away from the tallest ones…” In this example, nature offers us a rule which we can apply to our own lives: “Being close to the best spurs us into constantly improving and knowing precisely what to do.”
Furthermore, before learning from others it is absolutely vital to learn from oneself, or it is best to learn to know oneself in order to understand fully ‘who we are’, and ‘what we want’. Not an easy task.